Okay, admit it, it’s pretty sucky for you to have four eyes – two in the form of lenses that are quite an annoyance. They reflect the light in the summer, making you squint more than you already do, get splattered with rain – making it impossible for you to drive or ride or do anything – and mist over with the slightest bit of fog. On top of this, you’ve got people waiting around forever to pull that ridiculous cliché on you (‘Take your glasses off, I want to see how different you look without them’); it’s like they’re saying that as long as you’re stuck with a pair of spectacles, your ‘true beauty’ will never be ‘seen’.

Sigh, silliness aside, you do know that these are excellent aids for your vision – you can’t afford to take them off willy-nilly. Then…why don’t you make them pop? It’s a simple and easy solution. Draw, rather than divert, attention to your lenses, and show the world that they are your indispensible friends.

That doesn’t mean you have to replace them – no! In fact, today’s technology in eye care will allow adopting a more cost-effective method. The official term is reglazing, but it is merely used to explain the swapping of your old spectacles’ lenses with newer, cooler ones of your own choice. And it’s not a procedure for, by and of the quacks of this world either – reglazing is a process that is carefully manned and conscientiously followed by eye care experts everywhere in a most meticulous manner.

Examples of the aforementioned include Carl Zeiss, Titan, and so on. Here at amycoz, experts begin by taking a long look at your current eyewear, whether it require a change of lenses, how long you’ve been wearing them, the problems you could potentially encounter by changing them, and so on. The lenses’ properties and design are kept in mind as well – it’s important to ensure that you do not experience any difficulty after the reglazing procedure – after all, any procedure regarding such an important and delicate part of the body needs to be a good investment. It’s crucial to never get a reglazing treatment in a random manner from any practising fool down the street. Your eyes are your windows to the world, and you need to treat them kindly.

There are numerous, varied services that offer new lenses for old frames, in crazy colours and designs, while keeping in mind the client’s eye condition. An example of such services is glassesempire.com, where it offer replacement lenses for prescription glasses or sunglasses. Categories take into account men and women’s eyewear, children’s, the frame type (which can range from round, full, rimless and progressive, to bifocals, myopic frames, computer and sunglasses). Frame width is also counted as an important factor – from narrow measurements to extra wide ones. The lenses can be made of material of the client’s choice and can be made according to their lifestyle (sporty, fashionista, retro, and so on). Go on, take a look at it. You’ll find that it’s completely worth your time and monetary effort.