Do you need new prescription lenses and want to keep your old frames? Perhaps you need new sunglasses lenses, but do not want pay for new frames as well? There is a solution to the problem when you have sunglass replacement lenses for your favorite frames.


Today, more people are keeping their old frames and saving a considerable amount of money when they replace sunglass lenses instead. Thanks to the internet, there are now a number of stores which offer this service around the world. That makes it easier to handle the entire transaction right from your home without having to do more than send the frames to the store and have them come back.

This is become a popular process that allows people more choices when it comes to keeping their frames. Plus, they can their older, sturdier frames for prescription sunglasses lenses and have it around for the beach, while driving or engaging in other outdoor activities.

What are Reglaze Glasses?

Basically, this is the process of putting new lenses into old frames. If you have old frames that are still in working condition, you can have new lenses put in them to make like new again. This is an especially popular process for those who want replacement lenses for sunglasses.

The process itself to replace sunglass lenses is pretty easy whether you use an online glasses company or a local one that offers the process. Basically, you remove the old lenses from your frames and send them to the appropriate store with the prescription. They will craft the new lenses, fit them to the frames and send them back to you.

The Advantages of Sunglass Lens Replacement

There are many advantages for using prescription replacement lenses for sunglasses. This is especially true if you love your old frames and want to get more use out of them.

Save Money: While having prescription sunglass replacement lenses cost money, the frames may cost considerably more. When you consider the cost of designer frames for example, having the lenses replaced while the frames are still good can save you a considerable amount of money.

Keep Your Favorite Frames: Why do you have to change to new frames if the old ones are still good? Sunglass lens replacement lets you keep your old frames so that you can enjoy your new lenses while not having to change your appearance. After all, if the frames still work, why change?

Keeping Older Frames: Since older frames are considered “out of fashion” by some stores, they usually get tossed away. However, by keeping them longer you can actually contribute to the environment by having one less thing to toss away. This may not seem like much, but every little bit helps.

To get replacement lenses for sunglasses means that you now have the ability to keep your old frames and some money in your pocket as well. For many, this is not just a great way to save money, but to keep the frames that you have enjoyed for years. Replacement Lenses for Prescription Sunglasses are certainly here to stay.