High index lenses are a great solution for people with extremely weak eyesight. They are made differently than common lenses because their refraction design is different. Refraction refers to the light that bends when shining from a concave/convex lens. Refraction or the bending of light is used to correct vision in glasses. The more your eyesight is weak, the more refraction your lenses need. Therefore, more extreme short sightedness, there are high index lenses that are made with a high quality material which can bend light easily. They are thinner and lighter than average lenses, which makes their popularity go sky high.

You can easily choose a type of high index lenses according to your need as they come in all types of shapes and sizes. These are actually very stylish because they are sleek. Whatever frames you like, there can be high index lenses for them. In fact, for fans of rimless glasses, high index lenses are great because the high quality of high index lenses is resistant to damages and cracks.

There are many high index glasses with different indices ranging from 1.53 to 1.67 all the way up to high index lenses 1.76. High index lenses 1.74 or high index lenses 1.76 are those with refractive index that is 50% higher than conventional lenses, so it easy to see how powerful high index lenses are.

At Glasses Empire, you can meet a full range of high index lenses that can fit all types of frames since they come in so many types and sizes. They are made of high quality material and provide the best of high index lenses technology. They can be for all numbers of near sightedness and they are just as thin and sleek to reduce weight off your frames and provide comfort.