Progressive lenses are a smart two in one solution, designed for people who have near and far sightedness simultaneously, also called people with presbyopia. They are infinitely better than bifocal lenses and they are designed to increase clarity and offer full vision correction, rather than just partial, making them “multifocal”. With these lenses, you can easily view objects from afar or near, without even the slightest blur. They are just like having normal perfect vision. They are called progressive because of their natural transition of vision clarity – near, far, and in between, all vision ranges are clearer and better, making the wearer comfortable.

Glasses Empire provides a range of best progressive lenses for all your bifocal vision needs – they provide the vision without providing the bifocal look, because they are designed sleekly and in a natural way that clears vision and offers a stylish look. Progressive lenses also provide a better vision range than bifocal glasses too, so here is another reason why they prevail. Many people often find bifocal lenses uncomfortable so here you have the best solution that offers the same benefits but with the increased benefit of comfort. Here, you will find the best progressive eyeglass lenses that are comfortable and high quality.

Our range can fit all types of frames so no hassle there! People with presbyopia will love the range we have to offer here from Don’t let eyesight problems or bad vision stop you from getting your comfort, our best progressive lenses are the remedy to that. You might have a little discomfort adjusting at first as they are sophisticated lenses with a different kind of technology but the discomfort will disappear, as is not the case with bifocal lenses. Soon you will find yourself enjoying them and loving the full vision correction.