If one is happy with his or her existing frames and simply need to change the lenses due to a new prescription, or to replace a broken lens reglazing is a very cost effective solution. The service of replacement lenses for prescription service or Reglaze service is meant to assist a user who either might just have damaged his lenses or might have got a brand new prescription from his eye doctor. This is an amazing service which actually ensures that one does not need to purchase a pair of glasses when his current frames might be in impeccable conditions.

How Reglazing functions

Reglazing or replacement lenses for prescription glasses can be done through following a few simple steps online. The very first step would be to select the frame style one would like to reglaze. The subsequent step would be to input his prescription followed by selecting his lenses along with an optional sun lens. The user then has to make payment for his order as well as send his frames to the shipping address mentioned in the web site itself. Usually the web sites which provide this service install the new lenses and a delivery period of the user’s glasses is made to him with a period of one week to a fortnight

It is highly recommended that one should ship his frames through a secured shipping mode and should make a note of his shipping details as the companies concerned usually don’t take any liability for the loss if any during shipping.

Merit of using Replacement lens for prescription glasses

There are certain customers who might like to continue using their old frames but when his power changes, his prescription changes too subsequently, so instead of buying a brand new frame along with his lenses which can turn out to be extremely expensive, the customer instead can select to use his existing frame and get the new lenses fitted into them. This becomes extremely economical especially in cases where the customer was using an expensive frame already. However if one was using a budget frame, then this technique naturally would not be cost effective. In the latter cases the customer can then go in for buying a new frame.

Precautions before shipping the Frames

Before shipping the frames for reglazing or replacement of lenses for prescription glasses the customer should take a few precautions with respect to his existing frames to be on the safer side. If the frames being shipped are plastic frames, the customer should properly ascertain that there is no crack however small it be around the frame’s rim and should not be brittle or discolored. On the other hand if the customer is shipping a metal frame, he should make sure that there is no damage in the screws which are holding the frame’s lenses. And finally if the customer is about to ship his rimless frames, he must ensure that the lenses should not be fitted with a nut and bolt which is permanent.

Return or exchange

The web sites generally have a return or exchange policy for replacement prescription glasses if he or she is not satisfied with the product shipped and can get a refund provided they intimate the concerned web site about it within one week post the dispatch.