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buy cheap prescription glasses online

Buy cheap prescription glasses online


If you are familiar with online shopping, you'll know that the online marketplace is so massive that you will find various online stores that offer the same item you want to purchase.


Buying prescription glasses online is not different - there is always a plethora of places you can buy them. Hence, it can be difficult to determine which internet marketplace is the best for you; especially when you are looking to get it at a cheap price.


But, you need not go through the stress of surfing the internet yourself. In this comprehensive guide, we review the 7 best places to buy cheap prescription glasses online for you.


Aside from the fact that these stores sell prescription glasses at cheap prices, they offer quality products with special discounts, exceptional customer service, and a good overall user experience.


At a glance, the best places to buy prescription glasses online are Warby Parker, Zenni Optical, GlassesUSA,, Eyebuydirect, TIJN eyewear, 



1.Warby Parker



Warby Parker is a famous American eyewear company that offers designer glasses and sunglasses. They have both physical and online stores for also far-away and nearby customers. Their famous “buy pair, give pair” program helps to give back to the public. The company will give a pair of glasses to someone in need whenever a customer purchases a pair of glasses. 





  • Fast and free shipping



You will get your single-vision glasses between 7-10 days of purchase, while sunglasses and progressives could take 12 days.Their logistic team will bring your glasses to your country and location without additional cost. 


  • Multiple sleek frames and sharp lenses 


With over 205 women's and 187 men's frames, you have more than sufficient frames to choose from.In the same vein, they have more than enough sharp and clear lenses that enhance visibility. You will get a product that matches the optometrist's lens prescription, whether old or young. 



  • 30-day exchanges on unopened products


You can return the product within 30 days of purchase if you didn't open it. 


  • Virtual try-on and insurance 


This company supports virtual try-on, allowing you to see how you will look when you wear the product in real life. Alternatively, you can try the "five frames at home for five days" program before selecting the best one. You will return them to the store after the trial period. 


  • User-friendly iPhone app for an easy shopping experience 


Warby Parker has a unique company app for iPhone users. The user-friendly apps guarantee a fast, easy, and secure shopping experience. 




Their glasses are more affordable compared to their competitors. Single-vision prescription glasses with lenses range from $95 to $200, depending on frame type and eyeglass lenses.Sunglasses prices begin at $175, while progressive lenses in both eyeglasses and sunglasses are $295 and above. 




 2.Zenni Optical



Zenni Optical is another American company known for its affordable prescription glasses and sunglasses.They support virtual try-on options via their Real augmented technology. You can also upload one photo and try the desired glasses on the photo. 




  • Multiple frames and designs 


Zenni Optical has thousands of glasses frames available online. They have one of the highest collections of all the e-stores on this list, with over 1,670 frames. 


  •  They support customization 


You can customize your glasses by engraving your name on the arm. However, this service will incur an additional $2. 



  • 30-day return policy 



You can exchange the product for another within 30 days. You can also return it and get a 50% money refund.However, you will shoulder the cost of returning it to the store, whether you exchange it or demand a refund. 



  • Try-on technology 


 Zenni Optical supports Try-on like other stores on the list. 





  • Paid delivery service



Unlike Warby Parker, Zenni Optical demands $5 from customers before delivery. Though this might not be a significant problem, you will stay for 14 or 21 days before receiving your glasses. 




Zenni Optical has some of the cheapest glasses you will see in the world right now. They are the go-to store for people desiring quality eyewear with a constrained budget. You can get a quality product for as low as $7. However, you need more than $46 to purchase glasses with upgraded lenses or add-ons. 




3.Roka Eyewear 


Roka is a Texas-based eyewear company with an attractive and easy-to-use online store. It ventured into the online prescription eyewear marketplace some years ago and has been one of the go-to options for people with a high budget.   




  • Beautiful and durable products 


Its glasses are sleek, light, durable, and stylish. Its prescription frames feature rubberized tracks, which enhance its durability and compatibility. 

  • Options for sporting activities 


Roker eyewear glasses are suitable for different tasks, including sporting events. There are options for runners, bikers, etc. 



  • Seven-day home-trial program



Roker ensures customers can try four frames at home for seven days. Then, you will pick one and return the remaining three via the nearest post office. 




  • Paid shipping 


You should expect your prescription sunglasses and progressives in 5-7 business days. However, non-American buyers will shoulder the shipping cost to their respective countries. 




You need around $200 for a completed pair of prescription glasses on Roka, depending on the frame and lens add-ons. You may think this is a bit expensive. But, that's still relatively cheaper than many other prescription glasses stores.







EyeBuyDirect is another place to buy glasses online without breaking the bank.Like Zenni Optical, EyeBuyDirect offers affordable online collections that suit your purchasing power and purpose. 





  • Fast delivery



EyeBuyDirect promises 7-14 business day shipping delivery. Meanwhile, you can get your single-vision lenses in two days when you pay an extra $12 shipping fee.


  • Branded frame



There are diverse quality frames to choose from while shopping from this online store. They include Ray-Ban, Oakley frames, etc. 

EyeBuyDirect offers customers the chance to purchase a frame featuring their in-house brand (Rflkt Eyewear).

The Rflkt frame has a higher-end lens, making it more efficient and sharper.

Meanwhile, don't just pick a frame due to its physical attractiveness. Check the lens and ensure it is the same as the optometrist's prescription. 


  • Try me on feature 


There is a “try me on” option under each glass frame. Click on the icon and snap a photo to check if it suits you. 


As stated earlier, EyeBuyDirect's collections and frames are in the same class as Zenni Optical in terms of affordability. 

 With $12, you can purchase recommended glasses. It's also worth noting that prices vary from one glass to another, depending on the lens and its quality. 







As the name implies, GlassesUSA is an American online retailer offering prescription glasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses everywhere in the world. It was founded in 2008 and has developed into a household name in the prescription glasses industry. They offer a wide variety of frames at prices slightly cheaper than some of the stores listed above, including Warby Parker. The online retailing store boasts a virtual "mirror" feature, like every other store in this list. 





  • Free shipping



You will receive your glasses without additional pay. Delivery takes between a week and 10 business days which is faster than many other stores. 



  • Free return or exchange



GlassesUSA permits customers to return their unopened purchases within a month. They ensure a 100% money-back guarantee on their products if it does not exceed the specified period. 



  • Enabled virtual "mirror" feature



The virtual mirror option on the page is more like the "try it on" package. It allows you to try one or two frames you intend to purchase before the final decision. 


  • Premium designer frames 


This feature distinguishes glassesUSA from many popular online sellers. There are numerous premium designer frames from top eyeglasses brands, including Ray-Ban and Persol. 


  • Promo and discount 


This one-stop online retailer is known for their promo and discount. You will enjoy at least a 65% discount on your first frames. 

 They also offer a mouthwatering price slash on every first lens upgrade you make with them, whether it's photochromic, contact lenses, or reading lenses. 


  • Options for non-prescription glasses lovers 


GlassesUSA also has something for customers interested in non-prescription glasses. 

 There is a newly-launched landing page for non-prescription glasses. So, check it out if you want a simple but attractive glasses frame.



  • 14-day trial 



The company allows you to try a frame and lens for 14 days and see if you like them. 

 You will send your prescription via email, and they will deliver a suitable glasses frame to you after receiving your payment. 

 Retain or return it after trying it for 14 days. However, this package isn't available for all prescriptions and lenses. 




Though their frames are more attractive than many other stores, the price is still affordable. 

 It is believed that eyeglasses frames with full prescription lenses start at $38, while ones with complete Rx lens glasses begin at $89.

 is an online retail company known for fast delivery service and a wide range of options for different prescriptions. 

 Launched in 1999, remains one of the oldest places to buy prescription glasses online. 




  • Varieties of prescription glasses 


They aren't one of the oldest prescription glasses online retailers for nothing. 

 They have the highest product catalog, with over 300 brands and 2000 individually-crafted prescription glasses and sunglasses. 

 Interestingly, the brands are of premium quality that will stand the test of time. 


  • Search filter for a fast shopping experience 


The website features filters for customers' adventures while shopping. It also makes shopping easy and fast. 

 With the filter option, you can easily search for prescription glasses according to rim style, material, brand, price, category, eye size, clips, and country of origin.

  • Perfect lens guarantee 


According to the founder, provides a "perfect lens guarantee" on each lens and frame. 

 You can explore the 50% money-back guarantee on lenses, a full refund on frames, or a free one-time reorder. It depends on your choice. 


  • Lens replacement also helps customers replace the lens on their existing frames. 



  • Free shipping 



You won't pay a dime for shipping service, and you will get your prescription glasses within seven to ten working days. 

 However, you can fast-track the delivery by shouldering the shipping costs. 




  • No Virtual Try-on 


One would expect such a classy and experienced online retailer to have a try-on feature, but that isn't the case. don't support apps or systems that allow you to try the frame virtually. 

 It means you will purchase your prescription glasses online without seeing how they will look on you. 




As stated earlier, most of's prescription glasses are of high premium quality. 

 Nonetheless, they are one of the cheap options in the market. 

 You need at least $39 to purchase glasses of any lens. You should be ready to spend more on high-quality frame-and-lens design.





7.TIJN Eyewear 


This online store is the best place for adults interested in fancy and durable glasses. 

 TIJN eyewear offers a wide range of eyeglasses and sunglasses for young men and women. 

 The frames feature high-quality materials. They are designed to be stylish and functional. 




  • High responsive website 


TIJN Eyewear's website is highly responsive and easy to navigate. 

 Its user-friendliness makes it easy to find the perfect pair of glasses that suit your needs.


  • Sleek and affordable 


TIJN eyewear's frames are modern and sleek. Their lightweight glasses are comfortable and perfect for everyday use. 


  • Multiple clear and sharp lenses are available 


The lenses are made from durable and high-quality materials, providing clear and sharp vision.

 They have multiple lenses available. All you need is to choose your choice based on your optometrist's prescriptions. 



  • Virtual try-on feature


 TIJN eyewear's website provides a virtual try-on technology so customers can make the right choice while shopping from home. 




They offer some of the cheapest prescription prices online. Check their website for more information on how much it will cost to get your preferred design. 






Warby Parker offers the best shopping experience, thanks to their well-developed app.  Zenni Optical and GlassesUSA are the best platforms for style selections.  Though Roka Eyewear glasses are pricey, the company offers the best frames. is the best place for high-quality lenses and a massive frame selection.  These online stores are the top choice for finding the perfect prescription glasses. 

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