How To Reglaze Your Own Frame

If you are required to chase your entire glasses due to your myopic prescription lenses are badly scratched, damaged or there is a change in optical power degree however due to the fact either your existing frames suits you the best, the similar frame is hard to find or even because your existing frame is high in value therefore you are not willing to change the glasses all together, fret not as we are able to assist by providing the best reasonably priced lens replacement for you. Along with simple steps below you are able to order your new replacement prescription lenses and remove the old ones easily.

In hand with your latest prescription slip kindly click the diagram below and within the columns please state out your lens prescription information. If you are unsure on how to fill up the form, you may point the mouse curser and hover on the “?” symbol which the online system shall guide you inserting necessary vital details.

If you would like to have prescription lens to be colored, you may choose the color tint option. You may even choose to polarized your lens by choosing polarized prescription sunglasses option. If you are looking forward to have transitional lenses you may choose Phtochromic (Light Adjusting) feature. If you do not know which to select, you may point the mouse curser and hover on the “?” symbol which the online system shall guide you inserting necessary vital details.

In case your original lenses are colored, please ensure to select color tint option as we are able to tint the replacement lens similarly to your original lens.

Once selection is done and all details prescription details are correctly filled, you may proceed to submit your order and check out.

During check out you may even enter the promotion coupon code that we have given out in order for system automatically tabulate the discounted figure. You are able to save a substantial sum of money by doing so.

Lastly please input your shipment address and ensure that it is accurate. We are not responsible for any losses which arose due to inaccurate shipment addresses.

Once the order is submitted you shall received an automatically generated email and your order reference number. Please kindly save the order number for future contact reference.

Currently we are only able to service full frame, half frame and frameless glasses. There are 2 important points to note

1) If your glasses are with athletic frames or you are unsure whether replacement lens compatibility, please kindly provide us a photo image of the said frames for our kind analysis. We will get back you in the shortest time possible. Once it is determined that your frames is compatible with replacement lenses, we shall advice further to have the lenses sent over to use for processing.
2) If your glasses comes with full frame design and your desire is to have a progressive lens replacement, please kindly ensure that the height of the internal frame is more than 30mm.

Once your glass frames are packed well for mailing, please follow the mailing address stated below and send in for the replacement process. Before mailing out please kindly inspect that your frames are not damage. (We are not responsible for any damages incurred during the shipment of frames to our end due to shipment mishandling or packaging problems). Do state out the order number on top of the delivery parcel box in order for us to respond back to you with the completed replacement within 7-14 days after received on our end.

Once the frames were sent out, please provide us the shipment tracking number to so that we are able to easily check and contact with the relevant courier company. Similarly we will also provide the shipment tracking number for your perusal. We are not responsible for delivery errors and losses due to shipment address errors.

Rad Reglazing

Okay, admit it, it’s pretty sucky for you to have four eyes – two in the form of lenses that are quite an annoyance. They reflect the light in the summer, making you squint more than you already do, get splattered with rain – making it impossible for you to drive or ride or do anything – and mist over with the slightest bit of fog. On top of this, you’ve got people waiting around forever to pull that ridiculous cliché on you (‘Take your glasses off, I want to see how different you look without them’); it’s like they’re saying that as long as you’re stuck with a pair of spectacles, your ‘true beauty’ will never be ‘seen’.

Sigh, silliness aside, you do know that these are excellent aids for your vision – you can’t afford to take them off willy-nilly. Then…why don’t you make them pop? It’s a simple and easy solution. Draw, rather than divert, attention to your lenses, and show the world that they are your indispensible friends.

That doesn’t mean you have to replace them – no! In fact, today’s technology in eye care will allow adopting a more cost-effective method. The official term is reglazing, but it is merely used to explain the swapping of your old spectacles’ lenses with newer, cooler ones of your own choice. And it’s not a procedure for, by and of the quacks of this world either – reglazing is a process that is carefully manned and conscientiously followed by eye care experts everywhere in a most meticulous manner.

Examples of the aforementioned include Carl Zeiss, Titan, and so on. Here, experts begin by taking a long look at your current eyewear, whether it require a change of lenses, how long you’ve been wearing them, the problems you could potentially encounter by changing them, and so on. The lenses’ properties and design are kept in mind as well – it’s important to ensure that you do not experience any difficulty after the reglazing procedure – after all, any procedure regarding such an important and delicate part of the body needs to be a good investment. It’s crucial to never get a reglazing treatment in a random manner from any practising fool down the street. Your eyes are your windows to the world, and you need to treat them kindly.


There are numerous, varied services that offer new lenses for old frames, in crazy colours and designs, while keeping in mind the client’s eye condition. An example of such services is, where it offer replacement lenses for prescription glasses or sunglasses. Categories take into account men and women’s eyewear, children’s, the frame type (which can range from round, full, rimless and progressive, to bifocals, myopic frames, computer and sunglasses). Frame width is also counted as an important factor – from narrow measurements to extra wide ones. The lenses can be made of material of the client’s choice and can be made according to their lifestyle (sporty, fashionista, retro, and so on). Go on, take a look at it. You’ll find that it’s completely worth your time and monetary effort.

Keep Your Style, Update Your Lenses

You have the perfect eyeglass frames. They fit your face, your personality, and your lifestyle. When you wear them you feel fabulous. Then, at your recent ophthalmology appointment you learn that your prescription has changed. Then you get the really bad news that the frames you love have been discontinued. You try on other frames but none of them are right. None of them are “you.” Don’t despair. Through lens replacement you can keep your great frames and update your prescription.

update your lenses

At GlassesEmpire we provide quality eyeglass lenses and frames to our highly satisfied customers and have done so for almost 10 years. Our reputation of outstanding products at affordable prices has helped our business to grow and expand. We pride ourselves on exceptional service and strive to meet the needs of our customers. GlassesEmpire offers the highest quality for the best cost of any eyeglass retailer.


We produce superior quality, precision crafted lenses to assure our customers have the clearest vision possible and although we offer a wide selection of fashionable men’s and women’s frames, we realize that some people want to keep the frames they currently use. For this reason, we are expanding our outstanding services to include replacement lenses for your eyeglasses or sunglasses. Whether you need a simple prescription adjustment or want switch to bi-focal or progressive lenses, we can craft and shape them to fit your current frame. Our experienced and knowledgeable technicians can help you select the right lenses to fit your needs and assure that your current frames will be a perfect fit.


Our lens replacement service is easy and affordable. Orders can be placed directly on our website through our convenient form. You will need a copy of your recent prescription so that you include the relevant information into the order form. In addition to the new prescription and updated lenses you can select a variety of coatings including scratch resistant, anti-reflective, ultraviolet protection, and tint coatings in various colors to suit your needs. All of our lenses are made of the highest quality materials with expert precision. You can trust your vision to us.

replacement lenses for your eyeglasses

We will provide you with shipping instructions so you can send us your frames. Once we receive them, we will replace the lenses with the new prescription, usually within 10 to 14 days. Some lenses, such as varifocals are more complex and may take longer. If we have any questions, our opticians will contact you for clarification or to discuss additional options. Once the orders are shipped, we will contact you by email so you know when to expect your glasses.


If you have any questions at any point in this process, our trained and knowledgeable staff is available via online chat to assist you in any way possible. We stand by our work and offer a 7 day money back guarantee.


From sunglasses to progressive lenses, keep the frames you love but update your prescription with GlassesEmpire.

Replacement Lenses for Prescription Glasses

If one is happy with his or her existing frames and simply need to change the lenses due to a new prescription, or to replace a broken lens reglazing is a very cost effective solution. The service of replacement lenses for prescription service or Reglaze service is meant to assist a user who either might just have damaged his lenses or might have got a brand new prescription from his eye doctor. This is an amazing service which actually ensures that one does not need to purchase a pair of glasses when his current frames might be in impeccable conditions.

How Reglazing functions

Replacement Lenses for Prescription GlassesReglazing or replacement lenses for prescription glasses can be done through following a few simple steps online. The very first step would be to select the frame style one would like to reglaze. The subsequent step would be to input his prescription followed by selecting his lenses along with an optional sun lens. The user then has to make payment for his order as well as send his frames to the shipping address mentioned in the web site itself. Usually the web sites which provide this service install the new lenses and a delivery period of the user’s glasses is made to him with a period of one week to a fortnight.

It is highly recommended that one should ship his frames through a secured shipping mode and should make a note of his shipping details as the companies concerned usually don’t take any liability for the loss if any during shipping.

Merit of using Replacement lens for prescription glasses

There are certain customers who might like to continue using their old frames but when his power changes, his prescription changes too subsequently, so instead of buying a brand new frame along with his lenses which can turn out to be extremely expensive, the customer instead can select to use his existing frame and get the new lenses fitted into them. This becomes extremely economical especially in cases where the customer was using an expensive frame already. However if one was using a budget frame, then this technique naturally would not be cost effective. In the latter cases the customer can then go in for buying a new frame.

Precautions before shipping the Frames

Replacement Lens for Prescription GlassesBefore shipping the frames for reglazing or replacement of lenses for prescription glasses the customer should take a few precautions with respect to his existing frames to be on the safer side. If the frames being shipped are plastic frames, the customer should properly ascertain that there is no crack however small it be around the frame’s rim and should not be brittle or discolored. On the other hand if the customer is shipping a metal frame, he should make sure that there is no damage in the screws which are holding the frame’s lenses. And finally if the customer is about to ship his rimless frames, he must ensure that the lenses should not be fitted with a nut and bolt which is permanent.

Return or exchange

The web sites generally have a return or exchange policy for replacement prescription glasses if he or she is not satisfied with the product shipped and can get a refund provided they intimate the concerned web site about it within one week post the dispatch.

Replacement Lenses for Prescription Sunglasses

Do you need new prescription lenses and want to keep your old frames? Perhaps you need new sunglasses lenses, but do not want pay for new frames as well? There is a solution to the problem when you have sunglass replacement lenses for your favorite frames.

Replacement Lenses for Prescription SunglassesToday, more people are keeping their old frames and saving a considerable amount of money when they replace sunglass lenses instead. Thanks to the internet, there are now a number of stores which offer this service around the world. That makes it easier to handle the entire transaction right from your home without having to do more than send the frames to the store and have them come back.

This is become a popular process that allows people more choices when it comes to keeping their frames. Plus, they can their older, sturdier frames for prescription sunglass lenses and have it around for the beach, while driving or engaging in other outdoor activities.

What are Reglaze Glasses?

Basically, this is the process of putting new lenses into old frames. If you have old frames that are still in working condition, you can have new lenses put in them to make like new again. This is an especially popular process for those who want replacement lenses for sunglasses.
Replacement Lenses for Prescription Sunglasses
The process itself to replace sunglass lenses is pretty easy whether you use an online company or a local one that offers the process. Basically, you remove the old lenses from your frames and send them to the appropriate store with the prescription. They will craft the new lenses, fit them to the frames and send them back to you.

The Advantages of Sunglass Lens Replacement

There are many advantages for using prescription replacement lenses for sunglasses. This is especially true if you love your old frames and want to get more use out of them.

Save Money: While having prescription sunglass replacement lenses cost money, the frames may cost considerably more. When you consider the cost of designer frames for example, having the lenses replaced while the frames are still good can save you a considerable amount of money.

Keep Your Favorite Frames: Why do you have to change to new frames if the old ones are still good? Sunglass lens replacement lets you keep your old frames so that you can enjoy your new lenses while not having to change your appearance. After all, if the frames still work, why change?

Keeping Older Frames: Since older frames are considered “out of fashion” by some stores, they usually get tossed away. However, by keeping them longer you can actually contribute to the environment by having one less thing to toss away. This may not seem like much, but every little bit helps.

To get replacement lenses for sunglasses means that you now have the ability to keep your old frames and some money in your pocket as well. For many, this is not just a great way to save money, but to keep the frames that you have enjoyed for years. Replacement Lenses for Prescription Sunglasses are certainly here to stay.

High index lenses

High index lenses are a great solution for people with extremely weak eyesight. They are made differently than common lenses because their refraction design is different. Refraction refers to the light that bends when shining from a concave/convex lens. Refraction or the bending of light is used to correct vision in glasses. The more your eyesight is weak, the more refraction your lenses need. Therefore, more extreme short sightedness, there are high index lenses that are made with a high quality material which can bend light easily. They are thinner and lighter than average lenses, which makes their popularity go sky high.

You can easily choose a type of high index lenses according to your need as they come in all types of shapes and sizes. These are actually very stylish because they are sleek. Whatever frames you like, there can be high index lenses for them. In fact, for fans of rimless glasses, high index lenses are great because the high quality of high index lenses is resistant to damages and cracks.

There are many high index glasses with different indices ranging from 1.53 to 1.67 all the way up to high index lenses 1.76. High index lenses 1.74 or high index lenses 1.76 are those with refractive index that is 50% higher than conventional lenses, so it easy to see how powerful high index lenses are.

At Glasses Empire, you can meet a full range of high index lenses that can fit all types of frames since they come in so many types and sizes. They are made of high quality material and provide the best of high index lenses technology. They can be for all numbers of near sightedness and they are just as thin and sleek to reduce weight off your frames and provide comfort.

Cheap Eyeglass Lenses

How many a times have people faced a broken lens or worn down pair of lenses that needs replacement? Countless! But the traditional replacements are rather expensive, so here at Glasses Empire, we focus on offering cheap prescription lenses that solve the problem at a lower cost than it would otherwise. We can provide cheap lenses for glasses or cheap eyeglass lens replacement to suit your requirement.

It does not matter what size, type, or shape your frames are, we can provide cheap prescription lenses for all. We also have a vast range of types of lenses, so you can also find cheap eyeglass lenses that are progressive lenses or high index lenses, etc. We suit everybody’s weak eyesight problem with cheap glasses replacement.

Our lenses may be cheap in price but the quality is high! Our range of glasses, any type they may be, are high quality and will last you just like an expensive pair of eyeglass lenses would. They are designed to correct vision all the while being the type its consumers want them to be. Thick lenses, thin and sleek lenses, any type you please, you can find it here and the best part is, they are cheap eyeglass lenses. Just what you would find at your doctor’s or optician’s but at an extremely better price – that’s a promise!

Best Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses are a smart two in one solution, designed for people who have near and far sightedness simultaneously, also called people with presbyopia. They are infinitely better than bifocal lenses and they are designed to increase clarity and offer full vision correction, rather than just partial, making them “multifocal”. With these lenses, you can easily view objects from afar or near, without even the slightest blur. They are just like having normal perfect vision. They are called progressive because of their natural transition of vision clarity – near, far, and in between, all vision ranges are clearer and better, making the wearer comfortable.

Glasses Empire provides a range of best progressive lenses for all your bifocal vision needs – they provide the vision without providing the bifocal look, because they are designed sleekly and in a natural way that clears vision and offers a stylish look. Progressive lenses also provide a better vision range than bifocal glasses too, so here is another reason why they prevail. Many people often find bifocal lenses uncomfortable so here you have the best solution that offers the same benefits but with the increased benefit of comfort. Here, you will find the best progressive eyeglass lenses that are comfortable and high quality.

Our range can fit all types of frames so no hassle there! People with presbyopia will love the range we have to offer here. Don’t let eyesight problems or bad vision stop you from getting your comfort, our best progressive lenses are the remedy to that. You might have a little discomfort adjusting at first as they are sophisticated lenses with a different kind of technology but the discomfort will disappear, as is not the case with bifocal lenses. Soon you will find yourself enjoying them and loving the full vision correction.

When is the best interval to replace spectacle lenses

Many individuals shall wear their prescribed lenses for long period of time and proceed to change the lenses when it is broken or unusable. In actual fact, deterioration caused by myopia will be accelerated if the prescribed lenses are used extensively for a long period time. Prescription spectacle lenses should be prescribed based on individual conditions, once there is a change in refractive power; it is about time to change the prescription lenses.
replace spectacle lenses
Myopia prescription lenses worn by adult patients should generally be replaced every two years

There are two purposes for changing lenses: firstly for myopia (also known as short-sightedness) degree adjustment reasons, secondly is for replacement purposes.

Once there are scratches on the optical lenses, optical correction performance can be severely affected, so regular maintenance and inspection on glasses along with timely replacements are recommended to ensure optimal condition.

Youth users are advised to proceed with lenses replacements every 6 months or a year.

Eye usage is at its peak during youth ages hence fluctuations of myopia degrees are particularly fast. Due to long term use of eyes viewing items up close, occurrences of ciliary muscle spasm will present and thus contributing to the increase of myopia degree levels. Medical optometry checkups are necessary for youths who use their vision power excessively on a half-yearly basis, and eyeglasses have to be promptly changed if the lenses in used are not supporting current myopia levels.

Reading glasses used by senior citizens should be regularly changed too.
replace spectacle lenses
Presbyopia is caused due to the aging of crystalline lens which occurs along with the increase of human aging. Hence corrective levels on such corrective lenses are needed to be incrementally adjusted in order to meet the needs of an elderly individual’s daily life. There is no unified requirement on the specific replacement time for such lenses however replacements are needed once an elderly individual experience difficulty in reading or eye soreness. It has to be noted that skimping on cost and making decisions based on convenience sake while seeking reading glass replacements may cause harm to the wearer and symptoms such as migraine, nausea, dizziness, general discomfort etc.

When i need to reframe a new pair of glasses

While performing periodical refraction examination, under which circumstances there should be a need to re-frame a new pair of glasses ?

In the previous article, we have introduced the importance of periodical refraction examination for your eyes. However what are the details that we need to focus as a criterion in re-framing a new pair of glasses based on the examination results? In regards to this matter, we ought to analyze and make judgments based on scientific manner.
Due to the fact that changes in the refractive state of human’s eye is gradual and continuous, though in a short time changes may seem negligible however we are unable to jump into the same simple conclusion for changes that may happen between the period of 6 months to 1 year. As the changes on the refractive state of a prescription glasses is a result of accumulative process, it is imperative that much importance has to be placed on past historical accumulative refractive changes.

Is it often that we hear people around us commenting that “I have been using my existing prescription glasses for the past decade with no issues.” This only shows that the individual may not realize the corrective relationship between the eyes and prescription glasses. It is necessary to note that it is rather unreasonable to utilize the same pair of prescription lenses for a decade.

So, how long is the lenses replacement interval can be considered as reasonable then? In fact, there is no rule of thumb for such replacements, as long as replacement is done when the need arises. Once again we will find that regular refraction examinations are very necessary.

Taking into account the dynamics of refractive changes and necessary corrective measures needed, it is concluded that any of the following conditions should require prescription lens replacement:

  1. Change of diopter > 0.75D;
  2. Astigmatic axis deflection angle> 15 ° (high astigmatism> 10 °), (for deflection levels around 5–10 °, it is dependent on wearer’s corrective requirements, as 5–10 ° deflection situations may not require prescription glasses);
  3. Obvious inconsistencies between the optical center and interpupillary distance (IPD);
  4. Wearers who are comfortable of using corrective lenses with excessively high diopter values for daily usage
  5. Wearers who are not comfortable with unspecified corrective lenses


Therefore importance must be given if the latest overall result has changes (as compared to previous results) during the latest regular refraction examination, especially if the changes are similar to what is mentioned above. It is highly suggested that to proceed with re-framing a new pair of prescription glasses or to have further examinations performed under the guidance of a optometrist.