Replacement cycle for prescription lenses

According to a survey conducted amongst customers who opted to obtain prescription lenses online has found that these many within those who were surveyed will actually wear their existing glasses until it is broken. In fact it is inaccurate to have the prescription lenses used for such long periods.

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As an experienced optometrist, we hereby would like to advice that once you have obtained online prescribed lenses please replaced it periodically in the future based on your refraction degree changes or the condition of the said lenses (such as being scratched or broken). Once obtaining your prescription lenses online does not imply that prolonged usage is encouraged as it will be detrimental to your eyes.

Therefore without any influence of external factors, how often should the replacement prescription lenses has to be performed? Based on the recommendations of professional optometrist, below are some of the points that must be noted:

1) Replacement cycle for youth users.

Professional advice: Youth users are advised to proceed with eye tests every 6 months at the same time to replace current lenses with new ones at least once.

Eye usage is at its peak during youth ages hence fluctuations of myopia degrees are particularly fast. Due to long term use of eyes viewing items up close due to academic reasons, occurrences of ciliary muscle spasm will present and thus contributing to the increase of myopia degree levels. Medical optometry checkups are necessary for youths who use their vision power excessively on a half-yearly basis, and eyeglasses have to be promptly changed.

2) Replacement cycle for adult users

Professional advice: Myopia prescription lenses worn by adult patients should generally be replaced every two years. The main reasons for such measures are due to:

a)    Lenses had to be changed along with myopia (also known as short-sightedness) degree adjustments

b)   Replacement purposes. (Due to scratches or damaged lenses due to lack of care)

3)    Replacement cycle for senior citizens.

Reading glasses are tend to used mostly by senior citizens. The reason being Presbyopia is caused due to the aging of crystalline lens which occurs along with the increase of human aging. Hence corrective levels on such corrective lenses are needed to be incrementally adjusted.

There is no unified requirement on the specific replacement time for such lenses however replacements are needed once an elderly individual experience difficulty in reading or eye soreness.

Obtaining prescription lenses is a vital step to compensate odd refraction levels persisting in current optical situation. However all these prescription had to be based on scientific conditions and also to seek correct wearing of the glasses as per the advice of a professional optometrist in order to attain the best optical corrective effectiveness. Therefore in order to have our eyes to be in the best condition, please kindly remember to change your lenses periodical especially to those who sought online prescription lenses.

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