How To Reglaze Your Own Frame

If you are required to chase your entire glasses due to your myopic prescription lenses are badly scratched, damaged or there is a change in optical power degree however due to the fact either your existing glasses frames suits you the best, the similar frame is hard to find or even because your existing frame is high in value therefore you are not willing to change the glasses all together, fret not as we are able to assist by providing the best reasonably priced lens replacement for you. Along with simple steps below you are able to order your new replacement prescription lenses and remove the old ones easily.

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  • Progressive Bifocal Reading Myopic Computer Sunglasses
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In hand with your latest prescription slip kindly click the diagram below and within the columns please state out your lens prescription information. If you are unsure on how to fill up the form, you may point the mouse curser and hover on the “?” symbol which the online system shall guide you inserting necessary vital details.

If you would like to have prescription lens to be colored, you may choose the color tint option. You may even choose to polarized your lens by choosing polarized prescription sunglasses option. If you are looking forward to have transitional lenses you may choose Phtochromic (Light Adjusting) feature. If you do not know which to select, you may point the mouse curser and hover on the “?” symbol which the online system shall guide you inserting necessary vital details.

In case your original lenses are colored, please ensure to select color tint option as we are able to tint the replacement lens similarly to your original lens.

Once selection is done and all details prescription details are correctly filled, you may proceed to submit your order and check out.

During check out you may even enter the promotion coupon code that we have given out in order for system automatically tabulate the discounted figure. You are able to save a substantial sum of money by doing so.

Lastly please input your shipment address and ensure that it is accurate. We are not responsible for any losses which arose due to inaccurate shipment addresses.

Once the order is submitted you shall received an automatically generated email and your order reference number. Please kindly save the order number for future contact reference.

Currently we are only able to service full frame, half frame and frameless glasses. There are 2 important points to note

1) If your glasses are with athletic frames or you are unsure whether replacement lens compatibility, please kindly provide us a photo image of the said frames for our kind analysis. We will get back you in the shortest time possible. Once it is determined that your frames is compatible with replacement lenses, we shall advice further to have the lenses sent over to use for processing.
2) If your glasses comes with full frame design and your desire is to have a progressive lens replacement, please kindly ensure that the height of the internal frame is more than 30mm.

Once your glass frames are packed well for mailing, please follow the mailing address stated below and send in for the replacement process. Before mailing out please kindly inspect that your frames are not damage. (We are not responsible for any damages incurred during the shipment of frames to our end due to shipment mishandling or packaging problems). Do state out the order number on top of the delivery parcel box in order for us to respond back to you with the completed replacement within 7-14 days after received on our end.

Once the frames were sent out, please provide us the shipment tracking number to so that we are able to easily check and contact with the relevant courier company. Similarly we will also provide the shipment tracking number for your perusal. We are not responsible for delivery errors and losses due to shipment address errors.