How to make your prescribed lenses to be thinner

As we all know, the slimmer the lenses the better it is. This will not only improve the light transmittance of the lens but will also reduce the weight of the overall spectacles, therefore it is the most desirable pair of spectacles. Therefore there are many customers who have prescription lenses done via online will inquire from us on guidelines to choose which specification of lenses to attain the optimal pair of spectacles as mentioned above.

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On this matter, we are more than happy to reach out all readers out there who are interested in getting prescription lenses online. In actual fact there are many ways to obtain thinner prescription lenses and not necessarily limited to expensive high refractive index lens choices. We shall explain in detailed manner below.

一)Factors which influence prescription thickness levels

Before we proceed to obtain a thinner prescription lenses there are a few factors which influence the thickness of lenses that we must be aware:

1)      The optical power degree of each individual

2)      Refraction rate of lenses selected

3)      The size of the spectacle frames

4)      The size of eye pupils

5)      Interpupillary distance

6)      Type of lenses selected

二)Methods to make lenses thinner

1)   Choosing lenses with higher refractive values (i.e. 1.67, 1.74). While many myopia (nearsighted) individuals will agree this is the optimum lens to go after however the high prices of such lenses may be prohibitive to some.

2)    The thickness of a lens will be altered depending on frames which were chosen to be framed on. Reason being in order to accommodate smaller frames, lenses will undergo modification process hence the lens area will be predominantly consist of visual center point. This is akin to theory of negative lense.

3)    Higher interpupillary distance will also contribute to thinner lenses

4)    Prescription lenses made out of aspherical lens are thinner spherical lens thus increasing improving comfort and general aesthetics.


Besides the ones mentioned above, there are also other many more factors to look into. The size of the glasses axial will play a part if astigmatism situation is added into the equation. Overall there are many technical aspects involves in lens prescription there it is important to chose a proper professional online optical website which able to provide necessary assurance in providing prescription lenses.

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