How to choose the right prescription lenses online

With the advent of the Internet age, online shopping is no longer something that is new. However, has anyone ever tried acquiring prescription glasses via online shopping?

In regards to getting prescription glasses, in the past the general perception may view such actions involves professional help and some may felt some degree of mystic shrouding the whole procedure. Perhaps having such mystic perceptions is due to the fact that there is a general lack of knowledge on such practices. Therefore some of you may feel pleasantly surprised with the emergence of acquiring prescription glasses online currently available.

prescription lenses online

This involves a professional problem, that is how we should choose our prescription lenses suitable for our eyes via online and I believe many out there who are interested with prescription glasses via online may have such concerns too. Well then, allow me to share some knowledge in regards to such purchases:

In actual fact it is rather simple: As long as you are able to take note on both the power degree of your eyes and the matching lenses. To know more on your optical power degree, it is suggested that you may visit a professional optometrist for refraction examination however there is no need to have your prescription glasses to be made then and there as not only it will be more costly & also there is no assurance on visual improvements.

When you have received your latest examination results slip (containing data such as eye degrees, etc), the next step is to choose your prescription glasses online and it is necessary to choose the correct power degree for your lenses.

For this firstly is to choose wisely based on your optical power degree, for instance if your optical power degree figure is below 300 degrees, it is recommended that you choose those lenses which has lower refractive index such as 1.56, 1.50 etc, there it will be much affordable; If your optical power degree is above 300 degrees and below 600 degrees, you may select lenses which has a refractive index of 1.61. For best results you may also choose non-spherical lenses as it will also enhance visual clarity.

If your optical power degree is more than 600 degrees, then it is recommended that you choose to be a lens with higher refractive index numbers as the higher the degree, the higher refractive index number is advised. High refractive index number lenses are, for example, figures such as 1.67 and 1.74. With such Prescription lenses comes with a higher cost.

choose the right prescription lenses online

The bottom line is clear that acquiring prescription glasses via online shopping is the most affordable way to do so. Usually a 1.6 refractive index lens will cost half the price offered by a brick-and-mortar optical shop.

Now with introduction above, I am sure you will have a clearer picture on which lenses to acquire.